Çatlak Zemin is now available in English!

Çatlak Zemin is a website which has been maintained voluntarily by a group of feminists since 2016. This group is composed of women from Turkey who live in different cities of Turkey and abroad. Çatlak Zemin was founded by women who have been involved in feminist movement and activism for years and it continues to grow. It set out as a platform where feminist voices and debates would find themselves a place and flourish. From 2016 to date, the website has featured articles by Çatlak Zemin members and other authors regarding current debates on feminist politics in Turkey as well as  interviews and translations on global issues, texts focusing on feminist experience sharing, pieces on culture and art, feminist research. Besides, the website includes sections in which the stories of prominent figures and events in feminist history are told, weekly male-violence incidents are compiled, and readers’ letters are addressed.

We have always attached great importance to following and translating into Turkish what is happening around the world, women’s agendas, and feminist debates. In this English version of the website we will feature some examples of feminist history, feminist politics, and experience sharing from Turkey. In so doing, we hope to deliver the ongoing feminist debates in Turkey to feminists from Turkey and abroad with whom we do not speak the same language but hope to communicate in English.

When we first launched the website in Turkish, we had said that we set out to “strengthen feminist voice.” We know that this voice is becoming more vibrant with each passing day. We would be more than happy if we can humbly contribute to the vibrant voices of women in Turkey to reach over to women who do not speak Turkish.

Please share Çatlak Zemin on platforms in English. We stand together in feminist solidarity!

Translator: İpek Tabur

Proof-reader: Müge Karahan