The first issue of Feminist Politika [Feminist Politics] magazine, prepared by the Socialist Feminist Collective, met its readers on February 1, 2009. Published quarterly, the life of the magazine lasted seven years. With the decision of the Socialist Feminist Collective to stop its activities, Feminist Politika magazine ended its publication life with its 28th issue.

The introductory article of the first issue of Feminist Politika was devoted to the views of the Socialist Feminist Collective about the magazine.

“When we started talking about the idea of a magazine, we started to discuss the needs of both our organization and alternative feminist politics. We hope that Feminist Politika will be the voice of the feminist movement, not just socialist feminism as an intra-feminist distinction. On the one hand, we aimed it to mediate/help the feminist movement create its own agenda as a collective political agent, and on the other hand, ensure that what the agenda imposes on us does not break us off with the agenda we will determine. We will also try to take into account the experiences of the feminist movement in Turkey, that is, to reflect the accumulation of the feminist tradition, while producing policy regarding current developments. It is essential for us to be a complement to the other publications of our feminist companions, to act with solidarity for the needs of the movement through publications, that is, to share tasks with existing feminist publications.

It is a must for us to try to shape Feminist Politika with the contributions of our feminist friends with whom we walk the way together. Our pages will be open to all feminists who want to contribute to raising the voice of a feminist struggle independent of men, the state, capital and leftist organizations.

We will try to express both our political differences and the common word of the feminist movement. We hope to be able to prepare a magazine that reflects both the political activities of the feminist movement and the needs of women who are newly interested in feminism. Our goal is a publication that expresses and appeals to all of us, without ignoring differences such as experience, age and background, but by making them as common as possible.

While we try to evaluate patriarchal capitalism from different aspects and produce policy with our file titles in each issue, we want to reflect the colorfulness of alternative feminism and to clarify our political partnerships on the subject of the file. We will try to make files that highlight not only theoretical analyzes but also political orientations. Apart from the files, we have determined a publishing line that aims to interpret, discuss and narrate the agendas of feminism; update body policies; to look back at our history; to bring feminism together with culture, art and literature. We will look at the world through the eyes of feminist politics.”

We can access all issues of Feminist Politika magazine at

For the original in Turkish / Yazının Türkçesi için

Translator: Gülcan Ergün

Proof-reader: Müge Karahan



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