A photo from the press release the women made for Jesca in front of the courthouse

Ugandan immigrant Jesca Nankabirwa, who had been living in Turkey for about a year, was working in a textile factory in Sultangazi. Jesca was found in the morgue of Yenibosna hospital four days after she disappeared on Saturday, September 6, 2014, through the efforts of her friends.

Jesca Nankabirwa was the target of male violence in Turkey, where she lived as a migrant, and was killed by being thrown from a window. With this incident, the systematic violence faced by undocumented migrant women, who were forced to migrate by poverty and war, condemned to discrimination and ill-treatment, to cheap and precarious work, to pay exorbitant rents to the most secluded places, and who could not even complain about sexual violence and harassment of men due to fear of deportation, came to light.

With the efforts of Jesca’s friends in Turkey, the Emergency Action Group Against Femicide, and the Women Without Borders Group, the murder was brought to the agenda of the public, and a power of attorney was obtained from her family and the case was intervened. The lawsuit, which lasted for more than a year, was concluded on May 24, 2016.

During the hearings, the murderer and his relatives adopted an aggressive attitude towards the lawyers and the women following the case. Despite this, the murderer’s sentence, who was sentenced to life imprisonment for delibrate killing, was reduced to 25 years by applying a good behavior reduction.



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